Business Defamation on the Internet

Your business’ reputation is critical to your success. If someone posts something defamatory against your company online, it can spread like wildfire. Even if the allegations are not true, the damage has been done. With most people today having the mentality of “guilty until proven innocent”, most will believe the bad stuff posted about your business online.

This is why every business owner should know what to do in case bad reviews or malicious accusations against the company pops up online:

  1. Respond to or act on the accusation or review right away.

Quick damage control is needed. You can’t just wait for the bad reviews to go away or be buried under positive reviews. Have the post taken down. If it’s a review, you can try responding to the review to let other readers know that you take every post about your business seriously and hence builds more credibility. If it’s a legitimate bad review based from a bad customer experience, you can try reaching out to the other party and offer solutions to appease them such as offering discounts on their next purchase, their money back or freebies.

  • Seek the help of business lawyers in New Westminster.

One of the mistakes business owners often make is taking on more serious libelous accusations online without seeking the aid of business lawyers at New Westminster. Only when the issue has escalated beyond control will they look for business lawyers in New Westminster to take on the case. But the sooner you hire legal help to nip the problem in the bud, the less damages your business will incur.

The help of business lawyers at New Westminster can also help ease up many of the burdens of an online case like this. Your attorney will be able to show you what needs to be done and what you could file in order to control or stop the damages.

  • Take records of evidences.

A screenshot of an employee badmouthing your business online can serve as evidence. Posts can be taken down easily so make sure you secure evidences right away to strengthen your case.

  • Post a message to refute the allegations.

If the other party can use the internet to post their grievances against your company, you can also use the internet to refute the allegations. Create a post that addresses all the accusations against your company. Make sure you present evidences when needed. Make your post sound professional and sincere to convey your message without causing more damage to your business’ reputation.

It helps to have a business law firm you can go to when you have issues like this. Sea to Sky Law Corporation can offer the business law services you might need as your business progresses.